1. Detoxification Exercises - a beautiful 1 mile walk is included (Hill or a flat ground - your choice)-
2. Latin Dance Lesson as Dance Exercises for any age.  
Choose  any 2 dances (30 min each)
3. Stretching Class (Flexibility for Life)
4. Arg.TANGO - Creativity is for fun life  (Beginners) or  Arg TANGO - Elite dance - Move together as one (dance therapy for
couples). Rhythm and Musicality.  Dance with a shawl and a chair for women
Gypsy Tribal dance lesson.
6. Walking Classes: 1/2 mile  hill up and down, dirt, country roads. Students might be invited to pick up some seasonal fruits to
take home. Please, bring walking shoes, water, bags for fruits, if you wish to get it.
7. Powerful Walks with a Purpose.  It is a very good class includes a birds watching. It is a 1/2 mile hill or flat ground walk
(Please, bring your binoculars).  
In April: birds come, looking for a spouse, singing love songs a lot. May: they are making nests. June: they feed their babies.
Oct - Nov: a lot of new colorful birds come again to us to stay for a winter
8. Healing Organic Garden. Drawing in the garden: Please, bring all you need, pencils, paper.
9. Feldenkrais. Relax and Focus. Healing Therapy Techniques.
10. Pilates. Trade Mill is available any day for all before or after any class.  Bring your own snacks, water.
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HEALING ORGANIC GARDEN. It is  a very special class of a working therapy, while learning how to use some health beneficial
herbs. By pulling weeds, planting provided seeds and flowers, learning different herbs, people get inner peace, healing energy of the
Earth. This class releases all tension and anxiety. Students would be welcome to pick some seasonal fruits to take home (oranges,
persimmons, tangerines, apples, avocado, as well as different herbs, ice plants, mint, geranium, at no additional charge. Please,
bring a hat, drinking water, gloves.
STRETCHING CLASS. TRADE MILL. It brings strong health benefits to every person. Class includes some dance movements,
Yoga, Thai-Chi, stretching techniques. It improves your balance and muscle tone. It brings light, happiness, longevity, and
fulfillment to your soul. Please, bring your mat and your own drinks.
POWERFUL WALK: HOW IS YOUR SPIRIT DOING?  - It is a special class of different walks with a concentration on a
pleasant, positive approach to your life. How is Your Spirit Doing is a special healing, fitness class with development of the power
of focus, power of your own choices. Walks with a purpose, visualization and deep breathing are tools in this class. This special
walks class is teaching how to focus on what you want to achieve, how to make any of your dreams come true.- This special walk
restores balance and perspective when you face the indecision of a crossroads in life. It enables you to take the high road with
choices that may not be easy, but lead to your highest goal,- said Carolyn. It is useful to watch a movie SECRET before coming to
this lesson. After this class all participants might be offered to pick up some seasonal fruits to take home
DETOXIFICATION EXERCISES. Special complex of 1 hour exercises scientifically designed for the lymphatic cleansing,
improving cardiovascular system, increasing special healing hormones (indolphins). These exercises will strengthen your body
mussels, put bad cholesterol down (LDL), blood pressure down, improve your coordination, energy level, balance, improve better!
Moreover, a special walk for 1 or 2 miles is included, if desired. Bring your own mat, water, walking shoes, a plastic bag for
picking fruits to take home if desired. Suggested several times a  month for the best result.
$15 with 4 pre-paid lessons
If you have your own group - contact us
We could teach you ZUMBA, as a choreographed dance
(dance as a work out on the song by Ed Sheeran "Shape of you")
5 classes for 4 people
with $10 per class per
person per hour
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