The fun book "The Monuments To Cats in Russia and
" - has many beautiful photos of cat monuments
around the world and in Russia. It tells about legends and
interesting facts. The first monuments to cats are known
since time immemorial, and the first sculptures found in
Egypt. Domestication of the cat occurred in the Middle
East, where ancient human civilizations were born. There
is a legend that Egyptians lost a battle to the Persians
because of cats.
Books. Adventures of Cat Tosha and Dog Brake
A very touching love story
Miracles: a lot of holes in a sieve, and nowhere to get out
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The book tells about the longing for love and about love for life.
This is book about passions and errors of youth. A human being,
Alena, was viewed in an intelligent dynamic exchange with the
energy and information of the environment. Her life events were
defined as the optimal integration between environment, body and
spirit. You will read how the girl enhanced her physical and
emotional wellbeing through conscious and unconscious choices,
enlivening the nourishing connection between environment, body
and spirit. We hope you will be inspired and transformed by it.
This is a memoir book is a collection of amazing life stories of a girl who grew up in the
1950s and lived through 1990s in Russia. The book starts from her poor childhood, goes
through a troubled adolescence and wild youth, to the successful adult life. It is about love
and how the absence of it in childhood influences people. It is about the determination for
success, and a life that any person could have, but not many would survive, and keep
enthusiasm and trust in a better future. The book is about the history of old town Gelendzik
and about many adventures of a those who grew up, transformations. It is a pleasant stroll
through the old resort town in Russia for those who grew up, was happy, loved and lived in
the Soviet Union. The book is about many adventures of a talented girl, who tried to
survive. Her ability to see in all light and joy, her faith in miracles was an escape from
The development of the young artist took
place in the communist "stagnant" years
of the 1980s and during perestroika. The
artist was formed under the profound
influence of Russian and world culture.
His world view was formed under the
influence of his first love, his wife Elena.
He was greatly influenced by the elegant
Leningrad (Petersburg), which created
the artist's world view.
The Monuments To Cats around the World
This book is about the talented Ukrainian
artist Valery Bulat and his paintings of  
Orthodox Cathedral in Zaporozhye.
It is about the extinguished cat of Kazan, Pushkin "Smart
cat of Gelendzhik", St. Petersburg legendary cats,
Ukrainian Cats, Cats of England, Towser, Whittington,
Bremen Town Musicians, Totti, Bench of Reconciliation,
Koroviev and Behemoth, A million dollars cat of Erevan,
and others.
Fun stories with funny pictures from the
life of cats and dogs. Cat Tosha was spoiled
tender cat, and became very confident,
thinking that he was God, while making
own rules in a people house. But once he
visited Gelendzik, met local bully cats and
fought for his life. After that adventure,
Tosha came back to St. Petersburg to value
more his comfortable life. He began to care
for a puppy Brake and made a good
friendship with him. This book is about the
specific characteristics of our most beloved
It is important tool for keeping our
problems in proportion. Laughter is a good
instrument of love and loving people. Fun
stories with funny pictures from the life of
cats and dogs. It has specific
characteristics and habits of these most
beloved pets.  
Cat Tosha was confident he was God,while
making everywhere his own rules. Once he
visited a resort, fought for his life and came
back home to appreciate his life.  Later, he
made a friendship with a puppy and lived
happily ever after.