WATCH VIDEO:  Las Pampas Devils. 2. Elena with Gustavo
Nuevo Tango. 3. Elena. Panama  4. Arizona   5. Elena with
6. Del Mar
Enjoy the practice with students an improvisational Gypsy traditional dance with a skirt. VIDEO 1. Practicing with a group at the studio VIDEO 2.  VIDEO 3.  Dancing as a Spanish
Seniora/mother of Kitri (Theater Practice):
I enjoyed the Gypsy dance and felt that it was almost direct communication with the audience.  
You were really great among all students...- Mikhail
Producer and Choreographer, Tanguera Elena was and got a
Professional Tango Teacher Diploma. Elena graduated from a
prestige University, holds a Bachelor and Master Degrees in
several areas. She has more than 45 years of job experience in
the different areas of art, journalism, cinematography,
dancing. After twenty years of teaching Arg. Tango, she has
designed a special course for couples:
Tango is a relationship
an original courses for men (Lead Your Life), and
for women (Y
our Happiness is in Your Creativity). During
the course student learn the hidden energy inside the embrace
and connections between the partners. Also, it teaches how
to listen to each other, how to develop deep concentration,
how to be a strong leader and a creative person.
During private classes people discover secrets of with a
cooperation, how to listen to each other, and finally while
dancing how to improve relationships. The lessons
emphasize the importance of the musicality (how to dance
the music). When students really concentrate on the correct
movements with the correct techniques, they release negative
energy and lose weight. Dance enjoyment relax people,
improve strength and contribute to longevity.
Students learn how to share good time and get joy from
giving.  Love and Gratitude are fundamental principles of
nature, the main source of a good health or absents of it, and
the main rule of the beautiful tango dancing. It will bring you
inside a special mysterious world of Tango.  Tango never has
ending in the learning process. It goes from one level to
another, and all might be equally good to learn and dance.  
Take dance lessons as couple dance therapy. Discover hidden secrets of your life throughout this dance on our lessons
Students learn different dance steps, influences of other
cultures and dances on Tango, similarities between dances.
They learn characteristic of tango, vocabulary, music, the
value of silent connection, balance, stability.  In the classical
Tango Salon students learn all tools they need for attending,
enjoying social dancing party - Milonga.
From the first day of establishment in 2004 to the present
time we actively participate in community and charity work
for the benefits of society. We teach how to dance traditional
Authentic Tango, Ballroom, Latin, Gypsy, folk dances. It is
important to open your mind to different cultural dance
traditions, while increasing an appreciation for the present
moment. We have a special program with positive, dynamic
approach to everybody, helping students to establish balance,
calmness, harmony in mind and body, helping people gain
confidence and strong self-esteem. During the dance lessons
you will improve posture, connection, sensibility and
"I very much appreciate you and the vitality you bring to our community. This last show was
exceptional. I wish you to get great success. What I have learned from you about Arg. Tango
has truly been insightful. Your depth knowledge and passion is truly outstanding. Your
student, Vincent
Luxurious and sophisticated entertainment, Tango Argentine
could be learned and danced on different levels. Anyone who
commits to the learning process could dance it, find great
pleasure in each class, experience gratification and joy of this
beautiful dance. Some previous dance experience is helpful,
but not required. Tango is all about sharing the space and
your own personality
The melodic strains and syncopated rhythms of tango music
are filling the air at the dance studio. The room is dressed up
with long colorful curtains, along with paintings and photos
of tango dancers. Students step into an atmosphere of a
Caminito Street in Buenos Aires. The teachers set the tone
for an authentic Argentine Tango dance experience.
After cruising for several years around the world and teaching
in different counties, our Tango Masters are offering lessons
to all who wish to develop their own artistic style. It is good
for you to be enrolled in a series of lessons as a weekly
with a purpose, and to learn this mysterious dance. It is
not difficult to dance with the persistent learning.
Tango is
just a walk with love in your heart. Walk hard!
Elena is the dancer, teacher and author.  She is a worldwide
traveler with high education, deep knowledge and huge
experience in many different areas.  Since Elena is Master of
Authentic Tango, she wrote several wonderful books about
philosophy and psychology of Argentine tango dancing.
Her biographical books have specially interest.  
She wrote about hidden secrets and events of a Russian resort
on the Black Sea, with an intriguing plots about old Gelendzik
of 1950s-1990s.  
Moreover, she wrote touching books about her cats and her
dogs adventure.  All who is interested in art and architecture,
it would be great joy to read her books about the art church
and icons, done by her ex-husband Valery Bulat, now well-
known Ukrainian artist.  
For many people it would be exiting to get her book about
world cat’s monuments, and others.
Elena is philologist-linguist; had forty years of job experience
in different areas of art education, dance, and theater.  She
owned her businesses, traveled the world.  In 1996 she moved
to California, produced many fun shows, owned her dance
school, while writing wonderful books.