Art. Director Elena has countless teaching art history. Her contribution for IVCBT was consulting in acting, theatrical technique, stage makeup
and background scenes.
Elena is dancing in Don Quixote as La La Gitana. Before the show she said:" Let your own gypsy spirit fly. Elena's
friends call her:
Our Gitana.
During Authentic (Russian style) Gypsy dance lesson with Elena women
learn Gypsy music, how to dance with a shawl, how to play with a special,
wide, long (25 or 32 yards) flying Gypsy skirt. They study feet positions,
jumps, walks, and some beautiful movements of arms and shoulders.
Russian Gypsy class is really great fun for women of any shape and age, to
exercises, to get in shape, and to tone the muscles. Learn European
Authentic Gypsy Russka/Roma Tribal Dance.
Alena приглашает на занятия по цыганским танцам!
Authentic Romani Dance Lessons Russka/Roma Gypsy
4 pre-paid lessons: Lesson#1 -  hands and arms positions.  Shawl works.
Lesson # 2 - Steps.
Lesson # 3 - Combinations of hands, shoulders.
Lesson # 4 - Dance  choreography. We provide our flying shawls for each class
Elena participated in the shooting of a
(Табор уходит в небо). The
Gypsy Camp was right next to Elena's
grand mother' house on a big meadow.  
Elena got a strong influence from the
magic of Gypsy spirit. Elena met a
Gypsy boy when she was 13 -14 yo
(Яшка-цыган - Василий Васильев),
when some actors came with the movie
"Неуловимые мстители" to the Black
Video.  Elena played that music on
her accordion:
Gypsy have entertained Russian poets and Tsars and the art lovers of Paris. Get ready to learn that special tribal Gypsy dance that combines the
melancholy of Russian winters with the fire of well as footwork. Students learn how to interpret the Russian Roma music through some
authentic Russian
Gypsy (Romani) movements
We can understand the soul of Russians by listening to the songs of the Gypsies. Behind every song is a story.  Each performer's style bears
witness to his own unique heritage and tradition.
Peasants who had been suppressed by their servants
bounded by formalities liked Gypsy concerts so much.
Russian society has admired the songs of the constant
pilgrims for two centuries. Dance melodies became a
symbol of gaiety; songs filled their hearts with sweet
sadness. The styles of Gypsy dance vary depending on
the country. International festivals are a form of traveling
through Europe.  Spanish Gypsies dance perfectly
interpreted indigenous folklore and added oriental
movements and unexpected nuances to it.
The most important in the melodies is their emotional expression which is completely dependent upon the performer's interpretation of the music.
In their music, songs and dance Russian Gypsies incorporated influences Russian Gypsies, are the biggest Romani group of Russia. They were
nomadic for a long time. Russka Roma’s tratitional occupations were horse trading (for men) and fortune telling and begging (for women), but in
Russia they are more famous for their fiery dances and songs. Gypsy bands and camps are called tabor in Russia. Russka Roma’s girls dressed
more like peasants. As they couldn’t sew or weave themselves, they wore clothes which Russian women gave them: if they managed to get a skirt
— wore a skirt, very often dressed in sarafans dominating in villages…
For 1 person 1 single 1 hour dance class - as a work out (private) -
Gypsy songs progress through slow pensive passages
only to swell with emotion and explode into heavy,
hard-driving endings, the raw visceral energy of the
music quickly becomes infectious. In Russia Gypsy
songs you could see the world's diverse cultures. Their
melodies evoke romantic images: vast fields, grazing
horses, don't speak a word of Russian, these wonderful
songs have the timeless quality that marks all great folk
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In her youth Elena traveled with a Gypsy
tribe around the South of Russia along
the Black Sea, dancing, singing, learning
Gypsy traditions. That bright travel and
their culture and songs lived forever in
her heart. That unforgettable experience
of her youth one summer left her always
yearning for more creativity, art.
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