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Staging is the new standard for getting homes sold in today's busy real estate market.  
When selling, you're up against professional flippers and new construction, so it's
imperative that you do everything possible to make your house look magazine worthy.  
More importantly, most agents and sellers wouldn't even think of putting a house on the
market without getting it staged first because staged homes sell 90% faster and for
10% more than their un-staged competition.  Staging costs far less than a month's
holding costs including house payment, HOA fees, utilities, taxes, and maintenance.  
And, even more compelling, the cost of staging is far less than your first price reduction.
Some tips to create glam essentials room
1. Start with a neutral color palette.  Get rid of clutter.
2. Add jewel tones to the palette.  The bright spot will add accent to the room.
3. Add rich textures.  Mix and match fabric
4. Add modern elegance with some very modern pieces
5. Use mirrored furniture, which gives an illusion of a bigger space
6. Hang curtains just below ceiling.  Extra-long curtains give the illusion of a bigger space

Basic Color Theory: 60/30/10
60% - should be one color, 30% - the other and only 10% will be your accent color
Cool and Monochromatic.  It is good to have some blue (calming, cooling color) in every room. Find the way to use the blue with
different color pallets.
Use multiply shades of the same color, from soft to saturated.  However, you need to be sure, that you have a balance of various
shades.  It should go smoothly from the bedding to the walls, lamps, curtains.
Monochromatic color works in any room, but especially it is good to have in the bedroom.  
Proportion the shades.
60% - medium blue. 30% - darker. 10% - light blue
Complementary color pallet.  For example, orange and blue, even though they are in opposite side of the color will, like the red
and green or yellow and purple.
Colors on opposite side of a color wheel pairs well together.
Analogous color, which is next to each other on the color pallet wheel: green, blue and purple.  You can choose up to 6 colors of
the same shade, if you like them and use them all.  For a dramatic impression use the bold color as an accent.

Tips on Decoration
Invest in a neutral base; you can later change your look with décor.  For example, your sofa should have a neutral color
1. Organic glam.  You can mix wood or fir with velvet which creates very calming look.  Green, grey and gold color pallet is neutral
and warm.  It is a perfect base for texture
2. Parisian Glam.  It is light pink and green accent, soft colors, and feminine style.  Pastel is everywhere.
3. Tropical Glam.  It is a fun way to decorate.  Secret is to go bold with the colors.  But it is good to balance it out with a neutral
textures.  Gold, green, pink are perfect to look like a glamorous tropical home.
Another way to decorate is create a “man glam”(masculine style).  It is all about dark, rich fabric, which makes your style more inviting
and relaxing.  It is dark blue, brown and gold color, which makes your space more intimate and sophisticated.  Touch of leather or a
chest set on the coffee table brings some luxurious look, as well.

How to Tie Home Décor Together
If you plan to paint the walls, first do the test spots on the wall and check it out when the light is changing during the day.
1. Paint all walls the same color, like a neutral light gray.  It will be easier to tie home together and decorate. Neutral Choices:
Coconut, lavender, mesquite, petrol. One room should be inviting to the other room.
2. Stick with one furniture style for the whole room: Modern, Traditional, Country, and Coastal
3. Pick the same color palette: orange, dark blue, light blue, green.  Golden dark and light, blue dark and light.
Purple darn and light, green dark and light.  Brown dark and light, blue dark and light.
4. Use complementary colors, which are across each other on the color wheel, but will create a perfect combination with each other.
5. Use similar wood and metallic tones through the home

Choose correct size of Rugs
The right rug size will ground the room and define the area.  It is better to have a bigger rug than a small one.   The small rug would
make room look cluttered.  3 ways for the living room: all legs are on the rug, only front legs of the furniture are on the rug, or no legs
are on the rug. The side table front legs should be partly on the rug (3”-5”).
In dining area all chairs should be on the rug when they are pulled out.
In the small bedroom a rug goes partly under the bed, but not under the night stand.  The rug should provide the comfort for the legs to
step on in the morning.  For the queen size bed get a rug size 5 x 8.
Master bedroom (suite) - 2d floor
It has a closet, bathroom and a balcony
Bedroom # 1 (suite) -  1st floor
It has a closet, bathroom, entrance to the patio
Bedroom # 2 (suite) - 1st floor
It has a closet, bathroom and an entrance to the patio
3d floor - loft
It has a balcony with an ocean view
Living room - 2d floor
It has a toilet, TV,  balcony with an ocean view
Kitchen and dinning area - 2d floor
with an entrance to the balcony near the living room
Corridors. Between rooms
for designing 1 room